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Postpartum Care


Experience the benefits of Midwifery Care during the Postpartum Period

Would you like to enjoy the numerous benefits of the Midwifery Care but give birth in the hospital? Then our Postpartum Care Package might be for you!

Now offering stand alone Postpartum Care for you and your baby for the first six weeks after birth.

When you invest in our Postpartum Care package for you and your baby, you both will enjoy the wholistic Midwifery Model of care - being cared physically and emotionally. At each appointment, we will perform a comprehensive physical exam on mom and baby, assist with breastfeeding, promote bonding and healing, work through challenges, and answer all of your questions. 

Our Postpartum Care Package costs $900 and includes:

  • One prenatal office visit around 36 weeks

  • One postpartum home visit between day 4-7

  • Office visit at 2 weeks

  • Office Visit at 4 weeks

  • Office Visit at 6 weeks


Let’s work together to ensure a healthy, healing postpartum for you and your newborn!

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